Slippers inspired by Minions – our free pattern and tutorial


*Note: the photos were taken while one of us wIMG_20131021_124530as recovering from surgery 😛

04.04.14 This pattern is now available as a free Ravelry download – download now.

We’ve seen other patterns around the Net for crochet slippers but they all seem to use treble crochets and join with slip stitches. Since this pattern, we’ve gone off the latter most definitely. Using half trebles the way she does leaves no sign of a join, and are quicker and easier. It’s an easily adaptable pattern. You obviously don’t have to make Minions, and you can use any colours you like.

So, here’s our version of a common pattern. Hopefully you’ll find it easy enough. Any questions, please use the Comments and we’ll get right back to you.

Hook: 4mm.

Tapestry needle.

Stitches: half treble (htr) and double crochet (dc).


This section determines the shoe size of the slipper. The instructions we’ve given here should cover all average adult shoe sizes. If you want your slippers to be smaller, miss out Round 4. If you want them to be larger, add “Round 4a” and crochet “1 htr, 1 htr, 1 htr, then 2 htr all the way round”. Alternatively, play around with different hook sizes.

We start with yellow yarn and a circle. Use your preferred method: either chain 4 and slip stitch into the first chain to create a loop, or use a magic ring and chain 1 to secure. It’s important to keep track of the first stitch of each round with your stitch marker.

Round 1: 10 htr into the ring. IMG_20131017_122801

Round 2: 2 htr into each htr from round 1.

I don’t slip stitch to join rings – this way, you don’t get a visible join. Go straight from the last htr of round 1 to the first htr of round 2.

Round 3: 1 htr then 2 htr into the next stitch. Continue all the way round. You should finish on a 2 htr in the last stitch.IMG_20131017_151915

Round 4: 1 htr, 1 htr then 2 htr into the next stitch. Continue all the way round. You should finish on a 2 htr in the last stitch.

The Foot

This section determines the length of the slipper. Adjust the number of rows up or down to match the size of the foot your are crocheting for. You’ll want to keep working until the length of the slipper is slightly shorter than the foot.

Round 5: 1 htr in each stitch all the way round.IMG_20131019_231400

Round 6 -16  , repeat round 5.

Change colour to blue.

Rounds 17 – 23: 1 htr in each stitch all the way round.

We are now going to create an opening for the foot.  We won’t be crocheting all the way around any more.IMG_20131019_231449

Round 24: Chain 1. Crochet 28 htr back the way you came, ie back over the previous round.

Rounds 25 – 36: Repeat round 24.

Your work will create a rectangle shape.

The Heel

After row 36, fold the straight end in half and double crochet the two sides IMG_20131019_234533together. Turn inside out. Sew in any loose ends with a tapestry needle.

The Eye.

Make a magic loop again (or a ring using whatever your preferred method is) using black wool.

Round A: Crochet 10 htr into the ring and pull ring closed. IMG_20131020_200844

Change to white yarn.

Round B: Crochet 2 htr into each stitch from previous round.

Round C: 1 htr then 2 htr all the way round.

Change to grey or silver yarn.

Round D: Using double crochet, crochet 1dc, 1dc, 2 dc, all the way round.

Fasten off and sew eye into the centre of the yellow section of the slipper.

All done!

If you like, you can crochet another row of dc or htr around the opening. If you’re making a non-Minion pair of slipper, you could use a different colour for contrast, or even a different edging stitch.

Make two (or more, depending on the number of feet your recipient has)!

Please feel free to reblog and link to this pattern, but please remember to source this blog if you reproduce it on your own site – ie, please don’t pass it off as your own! You will get found out! You can make and sell items made using this pattern as much as you like!

27 thoughts on “Slippers inspired by Minions – our free pattern and tutorial

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  3. Wonderful pattern and I can’t wait to try it, one question though, is a UK HTC the same as a US half-double crochet? And is out double crochet the same as yours? thanks in advance!

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  6. Love these!! I’m a big minion fan and have designed my own pattern for amigurumi type figures. I did one for a Jamaican friend for Christmas complete with dreadlocks and a Rasta hat. I would love to have a pair of minion slippers for myself – why is it we tend to only crochet things for others and not very often for ourselves??!

  7. How long is the slipper once it is done? I would like to make these for you boyfriend, but he has 29.2 cm long feet, which is a bit bigger than normal.

    • Hi, these fit a UK size 8 female. I think you may need to make them a bit bigger for your boyfriend. All you need to do is insert an extra increase row after round 4. We can call it row 4a: 1 htr, 1 htr, 1 htr then 2 htr into the next stitch. Continue all the way round. You should finish on a 2 htr in the last stitch. This should work! Don’t forget, they stretch quite a bit too. Good luck!

  8. I have a daughter who loves the minions What type of yarn did you use – acrylic, wool, blend, something else? I thought it’d be fun to make her a pair of the purple minions too!

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  11. Are the stitches truly USA half tr and double crotchets. I see most of your patterns give USA conversions and this one just lists stitches. This leads me to believe they are USA stitches. Thank you

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