It’s giveaway time! Win a CHOCOLATE PIZZA with UK Crochet Patterns!


Our LOVELY friends from Serenata Flowers want to give away a free Chocolate Marshmallow and Chocolate Bean Pizza! Doesn’t it look delicious?! It’s a gorgeous chocolate pizza topped with white chocolate flakes and coloured chocolate beans.

To enter, all you need to do is LIKE this post and leave a comment telling us what your favourite product available from Serenata Flowers’ website is! They offer BEAUTIFUL flowers, plus hampers and chocolates galore!

Take a look at their website here:

The winner will be announced on UK Crochet Patterns on 30th November at 6pm.

– Leeloo the Tall

Some competitions for you

Hey guys, there’s an awesome pattern competition on Petals to Picots. They’re giving away 2 patterns of your choice, just take a look at the link below for more details.

Also, just a bit of warning: we’ll be hosting a competition ourselves in a few days! Thanks to Serenata Flowers, you’ll be able to enter a draw to win a prize from their website! Details about what the prize will be and how to enter will follow in a few days!

Take a look at their website in the meantime:

– Leeloo the Tall

2014/52 – a wide brim hat ready for autumn!

Here’s a really cute hat for adults that would look great in any colour. Plus you don’t need to stick to the flower shape recommended if there are other you think might look better. Or perhaps you could use something else, like the strawberry or pineapple patterns from last week.

It’s taken from Crochet for Cancer, which specialises in things for those going through chemo. Lots of their patterns are really cute and all of the ones I’ve seen are free!

This particular one came from Stitch of Love, and shows the pattern in UK terms. Find the pattern here:

And the Crochet for Cancer website here:

– Leeloo the Tall

2014/45 – Flowers that can be used for anything!

This one is an awesome accessory or embellishment for clothes or bags.crochet flowers It would be great for hair accessories especially, headbands or clips, or even bracelets. You could hot glue a button into the middle, or use beads or alternating the colour of your yarn towards the edges.

The Party Artisan posted a full tutorial on this on her page, with a conversion chart as the pattern is in US terms. Just a reminder that a US single crochet is a UK double, and a US double crochet is a UK treble.

Find it here:

– Leeloo the Tall

2014/37 Finger rings

This beautiful crochet ring comes from I’mTopsyTurvy. She has kindly posted a pattern on this page but also links to others she found on Pinterest. These are gorgeous and quick to whip up, especially during summer in the northern hemisphere when it’s too hot for hats and blankets!

When the pattern asks for a dc, crochet a UK TR.

When it asks for an sc, crochet a UK DC.

She sticks her flowers to a metal ring base, but I don’t have any so I’ll be crocheting a little ring of a row or 2 of dc to attach mine to.

Visit her blog here!


2014 number 13 – Fresh as a daisy (see what I did there?)

This stunning photo tutorial will show you how to make these gorgeous daisies! Don’t you love them?!

The pattern is not in English (Swedish) BUT the photos are so helpful, no foreign language skills are required.

They make us feel all Spring-like!

Visit BautaWitch for the tutorial. She’ll even blow you a kiss.

Headband – pattern translation

Although she doesn’t know it, Donna from taught me to crochet via her videos (on her site and youtube). She is a very, very talented lady who crochets outside the box.

She has today posted on Facebook links to a new pattern for a headband (and has gone blonde! Love!).

half double = UK half treble

dc – UK treble

Here’s the written pattern.

Flower Cushion

Popular crochet blogger Lucy from Attic24 posted this lovely tutorial, already in UK crochet terms.

The colours she uses are bright and cheerful, but of course you could use any colours you like – even themed pallettes would work … eg Christmas.

There is an absolute wealth of inspiration on her blog so do take a look, even if the cushion isn’t your cup of tea.