2014/85 – Fraggle amigurumi pattern by competition winner, epicyarns!

So a few weeks ago we posted a competition to get your blog shared, here on UK Crochet Patterns. I really liked doing this and seeing what you guys have been making so will probably do this again sometime.

Anyway, the first one I want to share is an amigurumi pattern shared by epicyarns, who were first to respond to our original competition post. Look at this Fraggle pattern! Aren’t they gorgeous?!

Fans of Fraggle Rock are really going to enjoy this. Take a look!

Full tutorial here:


– Leeloo the Tall

It’s giveaway time! Win a CHOCOLATE PIZZA with UK Crochet Patterns!


Our LOVELY friends from Serenata Flowers want to give away a free Chocolate Marshmallow and Chocolate Bean Pizza! Doesn’t it look delicious?! It’s a gorgeous chocolate pizza topped with white chocolate flakes and coloured chocolate beans.

To enter, all you need to do is LIKE this post and leave a comment telling us what your favourite product available from Serenata Flowers’ website is! They offer BEAUTIFUL flowers, plus hampers and chocolates galore!

Take a look at their website here: SerenataFlowers.com

The winner will be announced on UK Crochet Patterns on 30th November at 6pm.

– Leeloo the Tall

Some competitions for you

Hey guys, there’s an awesome pattern competition on Petals to Picots. They’re giving away 2 patterns of your choice, just take a look at the link below for more details.

Also, just a bit of warning: we’ll be hosting a competition ourselves in a few days! Thanks to Serenata Flowers, you’ll be able to enter a draw to win a prize from their website! Details about what the prize will be and how to enter will follow in a few days!

Take a look at their website in the meantime: http://www.SerenataFlowers.com

– Leeloo the Tall

Call for for blog posts! Let us promote you!

Hey guys!

I’d like to think that we post some pretty interesting and quirky things, many from fellow bloggers and professional crocheters with a business. I’d also like to think that it helps give these people a bit of a leg up when we do that and you guys visit their blogs/pages.

So I would like to extend you the invitation to send in any free patterns that you would like us to share and promote!

If you want us to share your post/blog, then post in the comments below with the name/title of your pattern, the level of dexterity, and we’ll pick 5 to share over the next few weeks.

– Leeloo the Tall

Competition time!

After my post yesterday and the very mixed responses, we’ve had a think and decided on the following:


1st prize – a side bar ad above the directory drop-down for the month of October.

2nd prize – a fabulous guest post.

3rd prize – a side bar ad above the directory drop-down from Sept 21st to 30th.

The only condition is that you mention winning in your own next blog post.


All you need to do is LIKE this post and the Big Fat Fluffy Ginger Adjudicator will pick winners on Friday 20th September.


Competition + Saturday Shout Out

We’ve been on holiday for a few days. Did you miss us? :>

Now that we’re back, we’re combining the Saturday Shout Out with a special post for our friend Judit at Monster Yarns.

She’s running a competition! Make your own monster and you could win up to £50 in MonsterYarns vouchers!! Think of all that yarnnnnnn ……..

The competition details are here, so go and have a look! We’d love to see what you come up with!

Closing date is August 31st.

First and second people to click this win …

… another set of circular knitting needles from the Red Heart goodies (first) and a ball of yellow 100% cotton yarn (second), so there’s a prize for both knitters and crocheters! As usual, the only condition of winning is that you review what you win!

Judit from MonsterYarns won the first set and has sent us a lovely review – to be posted tomorrow!

Thank you again to Red Heart for sending these lovely things!

Remember our guest post contest?

Well, the original winner seems to have disappeared. We sincerely hope everything is ok with her and will reserve her guest posting spot.

In the meantime, the lovely Eve from Eden’s Lace has stepped up in grand fashion (the Big Fat Independent Ginger Adjudicator likes her) and written you the most beautiful post, which we’ll be putting up tomorrow, Sunday. You can see a sneak preview of the content here.

Thank you loads, Eve! We are positive everyone will love your post! We really appreciate how hard you’ve worked on it!