Crochet Christmas Slippers – free pattern

These adorable Christmas slippers are super quick and easy! Ideal extra Christmas presents, or something just for you.

This is own pattern based on our pattern for Minion slippers here. IMG_20131121_182835

Feel free to make and sell these as much as you want, but the pattern is free to everyone and will remain that way. You can reproduce it on your website or blog as long as you credit us as source, and don’t charge anyone any munnies.


Hook: 4mm.


Tapestry needle.


Stitches: half treble (htr), double crochet (dc) and treble (tr).




This section determines the shoe size of the slipper. The instructions we’ve given here should cover all average adult shoe sizes. If you want your slippers to be smaller, miss out Round 4. If you want them to be larger, add “Round 4a” and crochet “1 htr, 1 htr, 1 htr, then 2 htr all the way round”. Alternatively, play around with different hook sizes. For a child’s size, we’re guessing that you stop increasing after round 2, or maybe even round one if your little one has tiny feet. If that doesn’t work, try a smaller hook.


We start with green yarn and a circle. Use your preferred method: either chain 4 and slip stitch into the first chain to create a loop, or use a magic ring and chain 1 to secure. It’s important to keep track of the first stitch of each round with your stitch marker.


Round 1: 10 htr into the ring.


Round 2: 2 htr into each htr from round 1.


I don’t slip stitch to join rings – this way, you don’t get a visible join. Go straight from the last htr of round 1 to the first htr of round 2.


Round 3: 1 htr then 2 htr into the next stitch. Continue all the way round. You should finish on a 2 htr in the last stitch.


Round 4: 1 htr, 1 htr then 2 htr into the next stitch. Continue all the way round. You should finish on a 2 htr in the last stitch.


The Foot


This section determines the length of the slipper. Adjust the number of rows up or down to match the size of the foot your are crocheting for. You’ll want to keep working until the length of the slipper is slightly shorter than the foot.


Round 5: 1 htr in each stitch all the way round.


Round 6 – 23  , repeat round 5.



We are now going to create an opening for the foot.  We won’t be crocheting all the way around any more.


Round 24: Chain 1. Crochet 28 htr back the way you came, ie back over the previous round.


Rounds 25 – 36: Repeat round 24.


Your work will create a rectangle shape.



The Heel


After row 36, fold the straight end in half and double crochet the two sides together. Turn inside out. Sew in any loIMG_20131121_155819ose ends with a tapestry needle. You should end up with something like this!



The red Shell edgingIMG_20131121_164718

First, htr all the way around the opening in your red yarn, starting and finishing at the join at the heel. You need to make sure you’ve crocheted stitches in  multiples of six, plus one stitch. If your final stitch count isn’t in the six times table, add or deduct the necessary number of stitches somewhere sneaky. No one will notice, we promise!

Then chain one. *Miss two stitches. 5 treble crochet into the next stitch. Miss two stitches. Double crochet into next stitch. Repeat from * all the way round.

Fasten off. Sew in all ends – and voila!


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