2014/88 – make a bunny!

This one is an absolutely adorable pattern – for a stuffed bunny!

Unfortunately what you see in the image to the right is all that is available on the website, no tutorial or description of the size of the panel you need to make etc.

Have a go, and post in the comments below what dimensions and hooks you used and maybe include a picture 🙂

Image comes from here:

– Leeloo the Tall

2014/14: Be the octopus, young padawan

I just love this and I’m going to make it RIGHT NOW.

An octopus cowl!

You didn’t know you needed one until you saw this pic, am I right?

It’s dead easy: crochet a UK DC when it asks for an sc, crochet a UK HTR when it asks for an hdc.

You could really lengthen those tentacles or change up the colours, or keep crocheting upwards into a hat.

Click here for the pattern from NyanPon!

Cute owl pouch – pattern translation

Broken links fixed! Sorry about that!

Today’s pattern is all UK DC so it’s very easy. It’s an owl pouch! I’m making mine into a pouch that my ugly, plain black purse will fit into to snazz it up a bit. Owls are everywhere at the moment so this simple pattern is a great starting point for owl-related projects. You can make it as big as you like and use whatever colours you like!

Click here for the pattern from One Dog Woof. She’s got other inspirational ideas too!

Tapestry Crochet = dead easy

I think most of us have been doing a bit of Tapestry Crochet without realising it.

Tapestry Crochet is all about keeping more than one strand of yarn on the go at a time, crocheting over the unused colour with the working colour.  It’s just like crocheting over ends! You could work with as many strands as you think you can manage, I guess, but this pattern involves only two at a time.

You can make this beautiful bag using the Tapestry technique, using only UK DC. It’s very, very easy.

Click here for a tutorial video about Tapestry Crochet from RedHeart.

Click here for this amazing pattern from CrochetMe.com

*Found via http://christinascountry.wordpress.com

You won’t be able to resist today’s pattern …


You’ll find this free pattern at RedHeart.com.

Click here for the pdf pattern download.

It’s not yet on the RedHeart.co.uk site soooo you’ll need to remember to crochet a UK DC wherever it asks for an “sc”.

That’s the only stitch you’ll need! And if you make ’em, we want pictures!






They’re so …

You can crochet this! Pattern translation

This outstanding pattern is ALL double crochet! And it’s much easier than you think! My fourteen year old recently took on the challenge of making a bunny, so if she can do that, you can make this YORKIE from Crochet Parfait!!!

Now, before you say “Nooooo, I can’t make that!”, bear this in mind: when my daughters asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day less than 2 years ago, I randomly said “a crochet hook”. I was half joking, half wanting to have a go because I’d never done it before. I’m not the least bit crafty and really don’t have a love for knitting. Now look at me – I can’t go a day without crocheting something, this blog is becoming a much-loved job and people actually pay me a bit of money for my creations! Whodathunkit!?

The lesson that I learned here is an old cliche, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true: You don’t know until you try!

The beautiful tutorial for this cutepie at Crochet Parfait is filled with easy instructions and loads of photos. Just imagine how you will feel when you’ve finished!

You can do it!

Spiderman gloves – pattern translation

This AWESOME and AMAZING pattern is a downloadable pdf file with excellent instructions and lots of pictures.

It’s fairly straightforward: wherever it says SC, crochet a UK DC. Wherever it says TR, crochet a UK DTR.

I know the pattern designer made these for her little boys, but my big girls (14 and 21!!!) adore them too!

Go Webs!