2014/45 – Flowers that can be used for anything!

This one is an awesome accessory or embellishment for clothes or bags.crochet flowers It would be great for hair accessories especially, headbands or clips, or even bracelets. You could hot glue a button into the middle, or use beads or alternating the colour of your yarn towards the edges.

The Party Artisan posted a full tutorial on this on her page, with a conversion chart as the pattern is in US terms. Just a reminder that a US single crochet is a UK double, and a US double crochet is a UK treble.

Find it here:


– Leeloo the Tall

2014/35 Scrunchie from leftovers! Quick, free pattern

Jessie at Home uses ruffle yarn for this so there’s no actual crocheting involved (but you will need a hook). Dead easy and a useful way of using up scraps!

Click here for the photo AND video tutorials!


2014/33 Using elastic with crochet (2)

Following this post about using elastic with crochet to make a beautiful bridal garter, walkerwhimsy shows us how to make a headband with elastic, so that you don’t have to use ties or worry about getting the size exactly right.

It’s all UK double crochet and shell stitch – easy peasy! It looks very sweet and would be useful for using up bits and pieces of yarn. If you don’t have any hair bands, I crocheted a row of dc around elastic bands. You could also wrap ribbon or thread or yarn around them, too.

Click here for the pattern from Walker Whimsy.

2014/24 Another lovely from our friend Jane Burns

The very clever Jane Burns has just emailed us about some quick and cute bear ears! She’s attached them to hair clips so they can just be worn by themselves, as well as with fancy dress. How cute are they?! Think of the possibilities!

Pattern in UK terms here.

2014/22 St Patrick’s Day headband – very quick free pattern!

I came up with this while making a St Patrick’s Day hat, hence the hook and yarn in the photo 😛 This quick headband could take you an hour or two at most.IMG_20140315_130847

Front post triple crochet tutorial video HERE from Crochet Geek. Please note that it’s in US terms – double crochet – but in UK terms this is a TR.

Bobble stitch tutorial video HERE at 2 mins 43 by epicabundance. Again, this is in US terms so she refers to UK TR as double crochet.

Start with green yarn and a chain of 66 or as many as you need to go around the head. Make sure that your chain isn’t twisted and join with a slip stitch into the first chain.

Round 1: Chain 1. Double crochet (US sc) into the next stitch and all the way around.

Round 2: Chain 1. Front post triple crochet into the next stitch and all the way around.

Round 3: Chain 1. Triple crochet (not fp) into the next 4 stitches. Change colour to gold yarn and bobble stitch into stitch 5. *Triple crochet into the next 4 stitches and then bobble stitch in gold*. Repeat from * to * all the way around.

Round 4: TR all the way around.

Round 5 – 7: Repeat round 2.

Round 8: Repeat round 3.

Round 9: Repeat round 4.

Round 10: Repeat round 2.

Round 11: Dc all the way around. Fasten off. Sew in ends.

And voila!

A Pony Tail Hat!

We have a lot of hair, like the lady at itchycrochet, and we’re in love with her invention of a hair hat thingie. I don’t know what to call it – it’s half a hat and half a hair accessory. She calls it a “Pony Tail Hat”. Whatever it is, it works! You can wear it to keep your hair out of the way or as a statement accessory.  You could make it out of thicker wool for winter, and thinner for the warmer months. You could even crochet in some beads and add little touches like flowers. I’m thinking of a Steampunk-themed one for my daughter!

Click here for the pattern, already in UK terms.