Saturday Shout Out – Wooly Kicks!

This week’s Shout Out goes to Wooly Kicks! This hard-working gal can give you some inspiration with a quick visit to her blog. We especially like her AMAZING bead crochet. How gorgeous are these projects?!

She is a talented gal and we highly recommend a visit. Unfortunately she discusses … no, we can’t bear it … but we must … le gasp … DESTASHING wool! IKR! It’s almost too horrible a thought to bear.

She does make up for it though by cheerfully confessing that, like us and any sane crafter, she has made a start on Christmas gifts.

Visit Wooly Kicks! You’ll love it!

Saturday Shout Out – Rustic Whites (NZ)

This week’s clever lady not only crochets up a storm (including pieces for boys), but holidays in Hawaii when she’s not making over furniture. She lives down under the land down under, amid Hobbits* and Almighty Johnsons** and makes us jealous with her talents.

Her blog has plenty of inspiration for crocheters and upcyclers alike.

Click here to visit Rustic Whites!


* We might be lying.

** Can we have Dean O’Gorman’s phone number pls?

Saturday Shout Out – Loz’s Little Crochet

Loz’s Little Crochet

Loz has been one of our longest followers – thank you for all the clicks and support, Loz!

She has her own blog too, which we think you should take a peek at! There are some wonderful ideas there and she also posts when she goes wrong. Our mistakes teach us more than our successes so there’s nothing wrong with messing up sometimes! We should try every pattern we can because that’s how we learn and develop our skills.

Loz’s blog is easy to read, helpful, inspiring, humble and I don’t think she realises it, but she’s dead funny. I chuckled at her comment about “doing the hippo’s bum wrong”. Seriously! Take that sentence out of context and your reaction would be …



Saturday Shout Out!

This week’s Saturday Shout Out differs from the others so far.

Keep Calm and Crochet On” offers patterns in UK terms from their shop at Craftsy. Some paid for and some free, and they’re ALL lovely!

Check out the Robin Red Breast square! How CUTE!!!!!

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Competition + Saturday Shout Out

We’ve been on holiday for a few days. Did you miss us? :>

Now that we’re back, we’re combining the Saturday Shout Out with a special post for our friend Judit at Monster Yarns.

She’s running a competition! Make your own monster and you could win up to £50 in MonsterYarns vouchers!! Think of all that yarnnnnnn ……..

The competition details are here, so go and have a look! We’d love to see what you come up with!

Closing date is August 31st.

Saturday Shout Out!

Okay, so it’s Sunday here but it’s still Saturday somewhere!

AllNightKnits sells lovely, simple designs that will go with just about anything.

I particularly love this scarf. The colours are so snug and Autumn-y that it makes me feel warm and toasty just looking at it. She’s named it after the sunset colours that she used to make it with.


I also love this big, chunky scarf. It’s quite Bohemian, don’t you think? I heart the textures.

Please take a look at this lovely lady’s shop on Etsy :>>>









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