2014/40 – Super cute slouchy hat

Hey there!

I’m a new admin here, (I’m “the tall one”, daughter #1). I’m 22 and I’m a university student and new dressmaker. I’m still learning to sew clothes but I like to make things that look a bit different from current fashions (mostly involving popular styles in different or surprising fabrics or prints). Something I want to experiment with is mixing crochet and sewing projects together, since mixing textures and fabrics together on clothes seems to be quite popular at the moment. As far as that goes, watch this space!

Today’s post is about a really pretty hat pattern that we found, which I really like because it’s quite comfy and great for a bad hair day. It’s also got lots of gaps in it, so it’s quite breezy, enough so that you can probably wear it in the summer if you want. This would probably look cute with glittery/shiny wool or the occasional shiny little bead threaded throughout.

For this one, just bear in mind that when it says “single crochet”, that’s a UK double, and where it says a “double crochet” that’s a UK treble crochet.

Click here for the pattern from Gleeful Things.

– Leeloo the Tall

2014/18 A hat for the spring and summer … if we get one of either

Found this on Moogly and just made it for my eldest daughter’s birthday. She noticed me sneakily making it and said she wasn’t sure … but then put it on and loves it. The pattern is quite easy to memorise so you can make it in front of the telly, plus you’ll learn a really cool way of making hat brims and slouchy beanies.

Pattern here.



2014 number 5 – a cool weather beanie – pattern translation

In theory, Spring is supposed to be on its way in the Northern Hemisphere, while our friends down south are still enjoying a Summer  that will turn into Autumn before long, so we think this light and airy slouchy beanie suits the change in weather ahead.

The designer, Julie from Gleeful things, calls it a Sugar Cone Skully Hat, which is kinda weird and awesome at the same time. The pattern has loads of potential beyond the lovely version pictured.

It only requires UK DC (sc) and UK TR (dc), so it’s a great pattern for everyone to try.

Visit Julie for the free pattern!

Candy Corn Hat which I’m using as a Pixie Hat pattern!

Found this on Ravelry when I was looking for a pixie hat pattern for Christmas presents. You could extend this pattern to make a witches’ hat or even a Hogwarts school hat 😛

It’s a free download from Taraduff

It’s in all in US terms so crochet a UK DC where it asks for an sc. Easy!