How to tell whether a pattern uses UK or US crochet terms

The quickest way is to look for SC – single crochet. UK patterns don’t use this term so if you see single crochets anywhere in the pattern, it’s in US terms. If you don’t see SC, look for HDC. In UK terms, this would be an htr. If you’re still not sure, just ask :>> The designer won’t mind!

Chainless Starting Triple Crochet from Moogly

This is a clever little trick that’s worth taking the time to learn. The picture on the right from Moogly will show you why!

Bear in mind that she uses US terms so whenever she says “double crochet”, you and I would use a UK TRIPLE CROCHET.

Photo and video tutorial here.

How to design your own patterns

Here’s something special from Crochet Parfait. It is SO clever and useful.

She has put together a tutorial to show us how to make crochet charts on the computer. That is, charts to help you plan and design patterns, even simple beginner patterns. Her website shows charts for giant Afghans (and she’s happy to share).

Ingenious and SO worth taking a look!

The tutorial is HERE.

Crochet Parfait is HERE.

Pattern translation – beautiful Afghan blanket

This pattern may seem daunting at first but it’s really worth a shot.  It’s in US terms so sc = UK DC, hdc = UK HTR, dc = UK TR, dtr = UK Triple Treble. It’s a project that’ll take you a while but as it grows it’ll keep your legs warm!

Click here for this beautiful blanket pattern from and Lion Brand.