UK to US crochet stitch translation

Why didn’t I think of this before, considering the purpose of this blog? 😛

CH – chain – same in UK and US terms

SS – slip stitch – same in UK and US terms

DC – UK double crochet, US single crochet (sc)

TR – UK treble crochet, US double crochet

DTR – UK double treble crochet, US treble crochet

YRH – UK yarn round hook, US yarn over (yo)

NB. It’s a common misconception that UK crochetiers call the “slip stitch” a single crochet – we don’t. It’s a slip stitch :>.

Guide to UK Crochet terms

If you’re new to crochet, we welcome you warmly to your next addiction! This page is a good guide to stitches to get you started. teaches knitters as well as crocheters so you should find everything you need there to get you going!

Also, lots of crocheters visit this blog so do shout out if you need help!