2014/29 Snowman crochet slippers free pattern, inspired by Olaf from Frozen

UPDATED MAY 25TH 2014: We have written this pattern up properly HERE!


Ok. I am the laziest blogger EVER. I have no pictures to show you for this idea but as it spontaneously erupted in my head while I was making an Olaf from Frozen beanie hat (proper pattern for that coming Monday and a pattern for a Christophe hat to follow), here’s my brainwave:

Use our Minion slippers pattern to make Olaf slippers:

  • Crochet the first two or three rounds in orange for his nose.
  • Use white yarn instead of blue and yellow.
  • Crochet the circles for the eyes entirely in white. It’s up to you whether you make one or two eyes per foot. I’d probably go for one.
  • Crochet little black circles for the pupils.
  • Don’t crochet around the eyes with silver or grey.
  • Sew the black circle onto the white circle, then sew the white circle to the slipper. It’s the only way to make his eyes stand out.
  • Surface crochet his eye brows.
  • Sew in some tufts somewhere above the eyes for his hair – just a few strands like you’re making a tassled hem.

If you decide to make these, can we use a photo, please? We’ll credit you and give you a nice big blog link (if you have one). I know it’s cheeky, but I’m not planning on actually making these slippers … like I said, lazyyyyy!

Click here for the pattern.

One thought on “2014/29 Snowman crochet slippers free pattern, inspired by Olaf from Frozen

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