Best Crochet Tutorial ever. EVER!!!!!!!

This is quite amazing. It’s the best crochet item I HAVE EVER SEEN! 

Have you ever seen anything like it?! It’s from, and Matt is that rare thing in the crochet world: a man! Of course, as he says, his aim is to inspire so you can make this in colours of your choice. I’m thinking a Steampunk theme for my daughter, The Tall One.

He has posted a gorgeous and thorough photo tutorial, with the most beautiful detail shots. It’s in US terms so crochet a UK DC when it asks for an SC; a UK HTR when it asks for an hdc, a UK TR when it asks for a dc.

Once you’re done, both he and we would love to see photos! Have any of you tried this tutorial already? Let’s see!

DO visit his blog for some other lovely ideas. It’s gorgjois and not just all about crochet!

7 thoughts on “Best Crochet Tutorial ever. EVER!!!!!!!

  1. Not only have I seen it but used it to transform my own clock, check out my blog post here and my link to my notes and more pics on my ravelry project page are here . I found the tutorial great and with a good clear instructions and pictures and once you translate the stitches over, well for me who uses UK crochet terms it’s a walk in the park and you end up with a really cool crochet bombed piece for your home. My Rav notes show you a pic of it in my home in use.


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