A quick sharesies!

This one is less a tutorial and more a picture I found on pinterest that looked cool.

Really love the crochet artwork! And I’m fairly certain we’ve shared some free patterns for coasters, granny shapes, and other designs which you could use to make your own one of these. You could use white circle shapes for dandelion heads, with a thin green chain for the stem and make a picture of flowers and dandelions, or maybe an image of the night sky, or a Christmas tableau…

Have you done something similar? Got any ideas? Tell us in the comments!

Don’t forget about our competition to share your free patterns!

– Leeloo the Tall

2014/73 – charger-thief protection


Nowadays, most phone chargers look the same, especially the ones with a detachable USB cable for your computer. This can result in people losing theirs and thinking that someone else has taken it, with arguments to follow. Well Through The Loops has a solution: decorate the cables in different colours to avoid confusion!

She posted a picture tutorial seen here —->

It’s really simple, perfect for beginners, and a really useful idea for preventing family arguments! Find some spare yarn, assign everyone a colour and get crocheting!

Find the author’s blog here:


– Leeloo the Tall

2014/51 – Star dishcloth

Here’s one which is a bit more practical – it’s an adorable dishcloth in the shape of a star!

It looks fairly easy, and with make for a cuter kitchen area. (Plus you could probably use this as a decoration if you scaled it up).

This is in US terms so just keep in mind the following:

US single crochet = UK double crochet

US half double crochet = UK half treble crochet

US double crochet = UK treble crochet.

See it here:


Happy crafting!

– Leeloo the Tall

Flower Cushion

Popular crochet blogger Lucy from Attic24 posted this lovely tutorial, already in UK crochet terms.

The colours she uses are bright and cheerful, but of course you could use any colours you like – even themed pallettes would work … eg Christmas.

There is an absolute wealth of inspiration on her blog so do take a look, even if the cushion isn’t your cup of tea.