Can Crochet be fashionable? Discuss!

We have a SUPER interesting guest post for you this month! How many times have you experienced people turning their noses up at crochet because it’s “old-fashioned”? How often do people describe crochet as what grannies do? I personally have never made anything remotely grannified in my entire crocheting life! Omitting crochet from the fashion sphere means missing out on an entire area of creativity.

Meet Sarah from We spend a lot of time at her blog. She’s kinda gorgeous and creatively very clever, but not only that she is a fashion guru who loves crochet, and she’s got a word or two to say about it! We want to say a BIG THANK YOU for her work on this guest post and we encourage you to take at look at her blog – you won’t have seen anything like it! We guarantee you’ll be inspired and feel a renewed sense of creativity towards crochet. THANK YOU, SARAH!!!!

Here’s Sarah!

There is something incredibly soothing about crochet (even more so than knitting): the way your hook-hand moves backwards and and forwards and around falls into a rhythm. And yet to an outsider crochet conjures up images of doilies and granny square blankets hanging over chairs in old folks homes.

The message I want to get across is that crochet is incredibly fashionable! I will hold my hands up and say that I have made my fair share of granny squares and doilies in my time but as I got older and my interest in fashion blossomed so did my love of experimental crochet. Here I will just give a rundown of three big trends and how they work in crochet:

Crochet art graces the catwalks almost every season. There is something about crochet that shows craftsmanship and man hours and, while this means it adds expense to shop-bought or haute-couture garments, it is something you get for free when you make it yourself (well not exactly for free but the enjoyment of crochet is payment enough).

1. Geometric (less is more)
In the last couple of seasons squares have been a big player for instance in Rodarte Spring/Summer 2013 there was this lovely jumper.

So modern! But wait, it is just solid granny squares linked with metal links! It just makes me want to rush down to the nearest hardware store and grab some silver wire! Although it is not in crochet, the trend for squares continues in Louis Vuitton’s latest range (search Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013), harking back to the 1960s. A copy of these dresses would just look fabulous in crochet.

It is not just squares but all geometric shapes that crochet really shows off well! For all budding pattern designers and fashionistas: keep your eyes on the catwalks and the high street shops for geometric shapes.

2. Punk
The punk look has been making a massive resurgence lately (I for one have been practically glued to my Doc Martens for the past 12 months) and crochet art fits right into this aesthetic!

In a recent clear-out of my cupboards I decided to transform some of my old T-shirts into yarn by cutting a one inch wide strip that spiralled around and around I managed to get approximately 30 metres out of one t-shirt. This is not only super stylish but also really eco-friendly! Waste-not, want-not!

3. Pretty in Pink
I know, I know, this is not really a crochet-specific style but hear me out! What way is better at creating flowers than crochet? The round and round motion just lends itself perfectly to all forms of embellishment and both florals and pinks are bang on trend at the moment. For this I refer back to the dress patterns of the 1960s and 1970s. I got a fabulous pattern for a 1960s minidress this spring and splashed out on some lovely cotton yarn for it.

You can read more about the construction of this dress at my blog:

So, feel inspired, crochet is always one of the most stylish options wherever you are!

~ Sarah

8 thoughts on “Can Crochet be fashionable? Discuss!

  1. Crochet is soo versatile it’s ridiculous to label it as old fashioned! Anything from jewellery to clothes to rugs. I once saw a lady who crochets with glass to make beautiful bowls. Amazing!

  2. The trouble is that looking at ravelry’s hot right now list often involves a lot of granny squares. Crochet is so much more than that. With the right yarn and design you can get a beautiful drape. We just need to shout about it more. Xx


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