2014/42 Genius invisible joining for crocheters and knitters

This clever lady has made me feel a bit daft for not thinking of this myself!! Join your crochet pieces invisibly … wish I’d seen this before I starting joining the squares of my giant curtain with zipper stitch!

Visit doyoumindifiknit for the beautiful photo tutorial! Prepare to have your crochet mind blown!

2014/41 Girlifying a men’s shirt with crochet

Hey there!

So this one is less a crochet project and more a clothing alteration project, with little bits of crochet as the centre-piece.

I think it’s really cool how Designs by Studio C did this, and it inspired me with ideas for other outfits you could to this with – like right above the hem of a really plain skirt, or sleeves. It’s a really simple way of making boring clothes more interesting, and great for beginner crochet-ers too.

The prep for this is shown first, and the way that she recommends doing the crochet is at the bottom of the page.

For the full tutorial, see here:


Happy crafting!

- Leeloo the Tall

2014/40 – Super cute slouchy hat

Hey there!

I’m a new admin here, (I’m “the tall one”, daughter #1). I’m 22 and I’m a university student and new dressmaker. I’m still learning to sew clothes but I like to make things that look a bit different from current fashions (mostly involving popular styles in different or surprising fabrics or prints). Something I want to experiment with is mixing crochet and sewing projects together, since mixing textures and fabrics together on clothes seems to be quite popular at the moment. As far as that goes, watch this space!

Today’s post is about a really pretty hat pattern that we found, which I really like because it’s quite comfy and great for a bad hair day. It’s also got lots of gaps in it, so it’s quite breezy, enough so that you can probably wear it in the summer if you want. This would probably look cute with glittery/shiny wool or the occasional shiny little bead threaded throughout.

For this one, just bear in mind that when it says “single crochet”, that’s a UK double, and where it says a “double crochet” that’s a UK treble crochet.

Click here for the pattern from Gleeful Things.

- Leeloo the Tall

The dark side of crochet

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In the last several months, I have been made aware of the dark side of crochet. I’m not talking about crocheting of intimate or controversial items. No, I’m talking about the underbelly, the seedy and shady side!
When I began my crochet journey, I never would have guessed that this was a problem! I shouldn’t be flabbergasted, but I am.  So many business type crocheters and websites are made on this issue. And it’s time to end it.

I have gotten to know some fantastic designers and have seen the hard work they put into each and every pattern. I have tested patterns for designers before release. I may not be fantastic at it, but enjoy working with them. These ladies (and I’m sure there are some gents out there as well) have an idea and work for weeks and sometimes months to nail out the pattern and write it…

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Free download of SimplyCrochet Summer mag – limited time and official

This comes via a group called the “Official CCC social group“. There are a couple of crochet groups on FB with similar names, one we recently left as there’s more drama on it than crochet. No thanks! Anyhoo, a nice lady posted this link on the above group which is nice and calm and supportive and friendly yesterday. Get it while you can! I notice patterns I’ve already seen in Simply Crochet but who cares!? There is lovely crochet goodness in here, for free! It’s all in US terms as it’s via the US arm of the SC/MM empire.

Click here!