2015/1 – gecko plushie

Say good-bye to January Blues with this cute, colourful project, courtesy of Raphael Blumenbunt.

Lots of repetition makes this an easyish pattern, with lots of customisation options. I love the colours they’ve used here – nice and bright and not wintery at all! 🙂 plus, if you make the distance between the front legs and the back legs larger, you get an awesome kids’ scarf!

Here you go…


– Leeloo the Tall

2014/66 owl pattern in US terms

The cutest owl pattern ever has just been posted for free by Craft Queens, and I just think it’s incredibly adorable. Great for keyrings or decorations (perhaps use a greyish-white colour of wool and it’s a snowy owl Christmas tree decoration?).

Be advised that it’s in US terms so don’t forget to check out our stitch translation guide.

Here it is:


– Leeloo the Tall

2014/65 – baseball coaster

While looking at everything pinterest has to offer, I stumbled across this really cool pattern (by Katie Cooks and Crafts) for a coaster that looks like a baseball!

It also occurred to me that if you scale this pattern down, you could adapt it into anything, like clothing embellishments, buttons, badges or pins. Of course it looks great as a coaster too!

Take a look but remember that this is in US terms so don’t forget to check our stitch translation guide before getting started.

Find it here:


– Leeloo the Tall

2014/58 – gorgeous trendy collar

Simply crochet recently posted a free pattern for a quirky collar you can add to your tops and dresses for a bit of flair. I absolutely love it, it looks so cute!

And it’s REALLY simple!

It’s another that I think would work really well with beads, sequins, ostentatious buttons or glitz. Plus, trying it in  bold colours would bring some quirkiness to an outfit and make a statement, perhaps red collar on a blye shirt/dress?

Find the full tutorial is available here:


2014/56 – a lovely little butterfly

Looky looky! How adorable is this? Fine Craft Guild have loads of free projects on their website, including a free tutorial.

It would look great as bunting or on accessories or as garment embellishments, you could even sew them onto granny squares to spice things up a little. I’d love to see it in purple and yellow, or autumn colours.

It’s all in UK terms, and looks fairly  easy.

Find it all here.

– Leeloo the Tall