2014/88 – make a bunny!

This one is an absolutely adorable pattern – for a stuffed bunny!

Unfortunately what you see in the image to the right is all that is available on the website, no tutorial or description of the size of the panel you need to make etc.

Have a go, and post in the comments below what dimensions and hooks you used and maybe include a picture 🙂

Image comes from here:

– Leeloo the Tall

2014 number 8 … and it’s a doozie

Rainbow Spiral Ball.

Go on. I dare you!

It’s all UK DC but using seven different yarns at the same time … You could stop halfway to make little baskets or bowls. You could also use less colours if you want.



From abagfullofcrochet

In English and German.

Single crochet = UK DC


Soft toys (do they remind you of anyone?) Pattern translation

These gorgeous patterns from Red Heart were sent to us recently. They look great for any little people into certain films, with the added bonus that no one will be hurt if they get whacked over the head!

It’s a downloadable pdf file (always good) in US terms so:

sc = UK double crochet

dc = UK triple crochet

And that’s it! EASY!!!! Even the newest crocheter can make these!

Click here for the pattern.

Reader pattern contribution – Disco Dave!

Jane at knittingimage.wordpress.com has kindly contributed this pattern. It’s already in UK terms, to make life easier. She’s a clever lady who writes about not only crochet but The Dark Side (knitting) too. Dave’s friend in the photo was knitted.

You can choose whatever colours you like and whip this up in a day, I reckon.

Click here to find the free pattern.

Crochet mask – pattern translation

I found this mask while searching for patterns to go with my Ninja Turtles hats. It’s perfect for my purposes but also comes from a blog with stunning patterns!

It’s in US terms so whenever it asks for an sc, crochet a UK DC. Whenever it asks for an hdc, crochet a UK HTR. Whenever it asks for a dc, crochet a UK TR.

The pattern asks for elastic to attach so the mask stays securely on your head, but I’m going to use two long chains at the back on either side as ties. These are easier because I’m still scared to attach crochet to fabric without ripping the fabric, but also because this goes along with the Ninja Turtles masks.

Visit goodknits.com for this free pattern, plus more, including some for those on The Dark Side (knitters).