You can crochet this! Pattern translation

This outstanding pattern is ALL double crochet! And it’s much easier than you think! My fourteen year old recently took on the challenge of making a bunny, so if she can do that, you can make this YORKIE from Crochet Parfait!!!

Now, before you say “Nooooo, I can’t make that!”, bear this in mind: when my daughters asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day less than 2 years ago, I randomly said “a crochet hook”. I was half joking, half wanting to have a go because I’d never done it before. I’m not the least bit crafty and really don’t have a love for knitting. Now look at me – I can’t go a day without crocheting something, this blog is becoming a much-loved job and people actually pay me a bit of money for my creations! Whodathunkit!?

The lesson that I learned here is an old cliche, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true: You don’t know until you try!

The beautiful tutorial for this cutepie at Crochet Parfait is filled with easy instructions and loads of photos. Just imagine how you will feel when you’ve finished!

You can do it!

5 thoughts on “You can crochet this! Pattern translation

  1. Oh WOW, that is one cute crochet project!! I bookmarked the page that has the pattern and will mayyyyybe give it a try, even though I really am terrible at Amigurumi. If I make it I’ll be sure to show you, then we can all sit back and have a good laugh at my poor but sincere attempt! (Love your blog. It’s gonna get me hooking again, hehe!)

    • Hi and thank you :> We would love to see your photos! The reason we posted it was that we think it’s an easy pattern to follow – simple, with lots of photos, and you get something at the end that’s more interesting than a beanie hat!


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