Two patterns in one – a flower and a butterfly

Today’s pattern is a clever one. Marie at marie’smaking designed a lovely pattern to make a butterfly that begins its life as a flower. She has posted lots of clear photos to help us and little tips along the way. We’ve personally tried this pattern out today and it’s easy to follow, and produces beautiful little butterflies! We’re attaching ours to a pink beanie!

4 thoughts on “Two patterns in one – a flower and a butterfly

  1. Hello! Thankyou for reading my blog and following it πŸ™‚

    I’ve made these butterflies too and they’re really lovely.

    I like the idea of your blog. I learnt to crochet from an Australian-written learner’s book.Then got online to find more patterns and discovered… “oh no! There’s a few more different systems of notation. Halp!”
    I’ve muddled up a few patterns by doing the wrong stitches for the pattern. My favourite was when I learnt how to follow a diagram. Suits the way my mind works, as well as being easier to understand what stitch to do when.
    I think, but am not entirely sure that the Australian crochet terms are the same as the uk.

    • Hi and welcome! So far, I agree with you – I think Aussie terms are the same as the UK, although I’ve seen the odd Aussie blog that uses US terms. I fell over a few patterns too lol. I’ve started looking at diagrams too – they are so worth taking the time to learn. Make life a lot easier!


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