2014 number 6 – Spider slippers – pattern translation

We know, these are a bit Hallowe’eny, but we don’t follow rules ‘cuz we’re, like, totally dangerous ‘n’ stuff. Our love for crochet slippers is no secret, so we think these spider slippers are flippin’ awesome!

They are all UK DC so they’re really easy! You can customize these to suit: how about pastels for Easter? With chocolate circles? Or red and green for Christmas, with coloured baubles?

Click here for the pattern from Crafttown.

Two patterns in one – a flower and a butterfly

Today’s pattern is a clever one. Marie at marie’smaking designed a lovely pattern to make a butterfly that begins its life as a flower. She has posted lots of clear photos to help us and little tips along the way. We’ve personally tried this pattern out today and it’s easy to follow, and produces beautiful little butterflies! We’re attaching ours to a pink beanie!

Spiderman gloves – pattern translation

This AWESOME and AMAZING pattern is a downloadable pdf file with excellent instructions and lots of pictures.

It’s fairly straightforward: wherever it says SC, crochet a UK DC. Wherever it says TR, crochet a UK DTR.

I know the pattern designer made these for her little boys, but my big girls (14 and 21!!!) adore them too!

Go Webs!