Another new idea!

I’ve said previously how scared I am of attaching yarn to fabric, but this pattern may actually tempt me! This stunning top is by the lady at Sans Limites (French for “without limits”).  Not only is this tutorial on her blog, but so are loads of others!

It’s in US terms so:

crochet a UK dc when it says sc;

crochet a UK tr when it says dc;

And there’s a video tutorial here from CrochetGeek for the filet crochet.

This wonderful idea would go with so many things and breathe new life into old items! Even beachwear … children’s clothes … curtains …

Visit SansLimites for the tutorial.

Tunic – pattern translation

This pattern is totally UK TR – easy peasy. I’d make it much longer, probably thigh length but that’d be easy to do – just crochet more rows … and even more if you wanted to make this into a dress.

I’d also make it in black. I like everything black!

It’s from Caron and is available on-line or as a downloadable pdf file.