Summer slippers – pattern translation

These Summer slippers are adorbs, as a hipster would say. I’m making myself a pair with t-shirt yarn as I don’t have any soles lying around, plus I like my slippers to feel pretty substantial beneath my feet. I’ll post pics! Of my slippers! Not my feet!

The pattern is in US terms so:

Crochet a UK DC when it asks for an sc;

A UK HTR when it asks for a dc;

A UK TR when it asks for a dc.

As I post, it’s miraculously blowing a cool breeze in through the back door of my house and I can hear an owl hooting. England in the Summer!

For this pattern, visit Cutey Patuty Crochet, where she shares this universal, eternal, profound truth:

Money can’t buy you happiness. But it can buy you yarn, which is kind of the same thing!