2014/55 – Irish symbols for decorations

Bizzy hands posted a blog containing a number of different crochetable symbols inspired by Irish and Gaelic designs. Some of them are quite versatile and could be sewn onto skirt hems or used in free-form designs for jumpers or blankets.

The link below is for the blog itself which doesn’t give step-by-step instructions, but it does provide a brief description on each symbol, and includes designs too. If you’re a semi-experienced crocheter then this is probably for you. It’s all in US terms so don’t forget to refer to our translation guide.

Here it is:


– Leeloo the Tall

2014/22 St Patrick’s Day headband – very quick free pattern!

I came up with this while making a St Patrick’s Day hat, hence the hook and yarn in the photo 😛 This quick headband could take you an hour or two at most.IMG_20140315_130847

Front post triple crochet tutorial video HERE from Crochet Geek. Please note that it’s in US terms – double crochet – but in UK terms this is a TR.

Bobble stitch tutorial video HERE at 2 mins 43 by epicabundance. Again, this is in US terms so she refers to UK TR as double crochet.

Start with green yarn and a chain of 66 or as many as you need to go around the head. Make sure that your chain isn’t twisted and join with a slip stitch into the first chain.

Round 1: Chain 1. Double crochet (US sc) into the next stitch and all the way around.

Round 2: Chain 1. Front post triple crochet into the next stitch and all the way around.

Round 3: Chain 1. Triple crochet (not fp) into the next 4 stitches. Change colour to gold yarn and bobble stitch into stitch 5. *Triple crochet into the next 4 stitches and then bobble stitch in gold*. Repeat from * to * all the way around.

Round 4: TR all the way around.

Round 5 – 7: Repeat round 2.

Round 8: Repeat round 3.

Round 9: Repeat round 4.

Round 10: Repeat round 2.

Round 11: Dc all the way around. Fasten off. Sew in ends.

And voila!