Viking Helmet – pattern translation

I see no good reason why we all shouldn’t have a Viking helmet, particularly if you’re a Brit. We are pretty much all descended from them, after all!

This pattern is all UK TR so is pretty easy. There are a couple of techniques you might not have come across before if you’re new to crochet, but as the blog shows you LOTS of pictures and instructions, I know you can do it. There are also lots of tips for how to make different sizes and how to tell when to stop increasing.

Once you’re done, a woolly Viking helmet is no excuse for pillaging! I’m serious!

Visit crochetparfait for more information, if only to look at her fierce selfies.

Knice Knight Hat – pattern translation

This super-duper headwear will protect you in case of battle against Mordred or Morgana or perhaps an orc. It’s even got magical properties to stop you getting helmet hair in case King Arthur takes a shine to you*.

The clever (and nice!) lady at Owlcrochet who created it and is also modelling it in the photo even translated the terms for us:

Wherever you see “dc”, do a UK treble crochet (tr).

Where you see “trc”, do a UK double treble crochet (dtr).

Thank you, Owl Lady!

* This may or may not be true.