2014/75 – really cute top idea – great for tops that are too short!

So this one is a bit of a weird one.

I found a picture tutorial for it on pinterest and it links to a blog but the post is gone. So you won’t be able to see the full explanation, but I still recommend you go explore the awesome blog it came from!

Pin Them All has created a quick tutorial for turning granny squares into a really cute top decoration. I guess you could use any granny square pattern you like as long as you fit the dimensions of the shirt you’re adding them to.

And with winter on its’ way, what better way to convert summer tops into winter ones?

The key (middle right) translates the stitches into US patterns so click here for our translation.

Check out the blog it came from here:


2014/68 – 21 cute and quick crochet projects

For those who are impatient to see a finished product quickly, Flamingo Toes has assembled a bunch of her favourite projects with fast results. I really like the bows.

Find her blog post here:


– Leeloo the Tall

2014/61 – granny squares bag idea

So this one is more of an idea for how to turn unused afgans or granny squares into a cute tote bag!

There are instructions about the handle and lining, and she describes the squares as 4 inches across so you can make any design of granny square which fits. There’s a diagram too. It’s really easy.

Find it here:


Make a hat from granny squares!

I’m typing through my tears because The Teenager is playing Cher Lloyd’s “Swagger Jagger” in the living room. My ears might drop off before the end of this post, but I shall soldier on!

It’s rare for me to find a hat design that I would actually wear. I’m a bit fussy. This one, however, is so darling that I’m going to make it and – le gasp – keep it for myself! That’s right! I’m going to crochet something and not give it away!

The pattern is by Lisa Gentry at RedHeart and is available as a pdf download (does everyone know about these? Would anyone like some pointers?). I personally like to wear hats all year round so you could make this with lighter yarn or thread for the Summer, and with something chunkier for the winter. You could also vary colours and even square designs once you’ve mastered the patterns.

Clever idea!

When the patterns asks for an SC, crochet a UK DC. When it asks for a DC, crochet a UK TR.