2014/84 – mittens!

Here’s a practical one for you – mittens! Oombawka design’s pattern for mittens looks easy enough though might take a little while (it comes in multiple parts).

But don’t they look great? And so warm too. Plus the cuff is narrower and the hand so it’s comfy, won’t slip off or let the cold in.

Go ahead and take a look, but remember it’s in USA terms so check our translation guide.

Find the tutorial here:


– Leeloo the Tall

The Butterfly Gauntlets


Purple gauntlets 2

With one glove pattern under my belt, I wanted to make another. So I chose a slightly more aggressive pattern–you have to stretch yourself, right? I went with a pair of gauntlets this time. I had the cuff part all completed and was ready to do the hand portion. However the cabling portion was too much for my newly acquired crochet talents to accomplish just yet. So I ended up putting a portion of a completely different pattern on the top of the glove instead. This was a pattern I had discovered from a new YouTube channel I had subscribed to. I will revisit the cabling at a later time in my crochet journey, but I very much like the end result of the glove I managed to make. Check out the pattern for the original glove, as well as the video for the second glove that I merged onto…

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Spiderman gloves – pattern translation

This AWESOME and AMAZING pattern is a downloadable pdf file with excellent instructions and lots of pictures.

It’s fairly straightforward: wherever it says SC, crochet a UK DC. Wherever it says TR, crochet a UK DTR.

I know the pattern designer made these for her little boys, but my big girls (14 and 21!!!) adore them too!

Go Webs!