Try a new stitch!

This evening I’m not super-impressed with the choice of new Doctor Who (but then I wasn’t sure about Matt Smith either, until his first episode) so I’m going to console myself by making a blanket! It will need to be big enough to catch all the tears for my sadness that Rupert Grint or Chiwetel Ejifor weren’t cast. SOB!

I want a blanket that looks interesting but isn’t complicated, so that I can watch movies at the same time and also so that it will work up quickly. Plus, I don’t know about you but sometimes repetitive crochet motions really hit the spot. So calming, particularly when you’re devastated that the new Doctor isn’t ginger or that HOT evil guy from Firefly.

I’ve chosen to crochet the whole blanket with Shell Stitch. This is really pretty and REALLY easy, and anyone who knows how to chain, double crochet, and triple crochet can do it. That means YOU!

My favourite tutorial is here, at the Making Spot. This site is well worth a visit. It’s got plenty of bits and pieces for all crafters to try and learn from.

Product review – RedHeart yarn

Now, obviously when Red Heart sent us a bunch of freebies, part of the deal was for us to talk about them on here. We don’t mind! Please note that the opinions are our own and they haven’t recompensed us in any way for our post, other than sending us the freebies in the first place. We will be totally honest!

One of the yarns they sent us is called “Niki“.  It’s 80% acrylic, 20% wool. It’s the dark blue yarn in the top left in this picture (just right for a Tardis!). One of us loves it, the other not so much. It’s very thready. That is, the strands come apart very easily while you’re working with it and once it’s done, it frays really easily. I made a hat with it (a Tardis hat :P) and while the person its intended for will love it, I’m not over excited with how messy the fraying has made the hat look. Tufty and strandy (is that a word?). I was going to sell it in my online shop but the fraying has prevented that.

That said, the other one of us loves the fraying! The colour is beautiful – rich and dark. The ball was 50g in weight. I made an entire adult beanie hat from it with a good amount to spare. You could probably get two children’s beanies from it.

To sum up: one of us would use it again, one wouldn’t. :>

You can find it here on the Red Heart website.

Now, the next yarn I’m going to work with from Red Heart looks totes amazing – it’s thick, not a frayer and is just the right colour for a facehugger hat, something I’ve been planning for ages! Will be back with a review soon!

Tutorial for a wiggly stitch!

I seriously love the look of this piece of crochet from made-in-k-town. It is pure wiggly awesomeness and I can’t wait to try it! This talented designer has posted a full tutorial with loads of step-by-step photos and instructions – and it’s much, much simpler than you think!!!

Click here to visit the tutorial and wiggle away!

PS There’s a campaign for Marina Sirtis to be the new Doctor Who. Whaaaa?!

Shoulder bag

We found this nifty bag pattern on redheart’s UK section. It’s an over the shoulder job, handbag size, but you could make it bigger or smaller depending on yarn and hook sizes.  I would imagine you can leave the tassles off if you prefer, too.

Direct link to the pdf download of the pattern here.

Posted amid tears shed over Matt Smith’s departure from Doctor Who (you just got here, man!).