Bracelet – pattern translation

Another bracelet approved of by The Loud Daughter. She’s 15 so is the source of all authority on What Is Cool and What Is Not Cool.

The designer made hers with twine! The pattern is simple – where it asks for an sc, crochet a UK DC. Where it asks for a dc, crochet a UK TR. Where it asks for an hdc, crochet a UK HTR.

Visit WrenHandmade for this pattern – and others!

Friendship bracelet

From Accrochet, a bilingual lady who posts in both English and French, this is dead quick and easy. My younger daughter, The Loud One, is mid-teens and this style of bracelet is v. trendy atm. You’ll earn instant Cool Points.

Click here to visit Accrochet for the tutorial. It’s all in chains!

Pattern translation – Broomstick Lace Bracelet

This isn’t as difficult as it looks!

This bracelet is all in UK DC, and is a great way to learn the broomstick technique. You can use all sorts to achieve the look – not necessarily a broomstick! You could use a 12 mm crochet hook, a big fat knitting needle, crayons, anything that generates a fat stitch like the one in the picture.

The pattern and photo tutorial come from The Evolution of Home, a superb craft blog, with lots of other crafty ideas too (not just crochet), including a piece of artwork from toilet rolls … that actually looks good!

The Evolution of Home.

Pattern translation – Survival bracelets

It’s not very often that we find something The Teenagers would enjoy, but today we’re fairly certain we’ve achieved it!

Survival Bracelets are, apparently, trendy atm, and this page will show you how to make one. The tutorial is mercifully quick and easy because the page is full of supremely irritating bells and whistles (turn your volume down!).

You can make this from pretty much any fabric, it seems. I’m going to try t-shirt yarn, but the tutorial uses para-cord. You could even add beads to girlify them.

Click here for the tutorial from

The only translation you’ll need is: sc = UK DC. Easy!