2014/53 – a cute 1920’s style hat!

Another cute one I found on Crochet for Cancer, which resembles hats from the 1920s! There’s a lot of potential for customisation with this one, again you can use flowers or whatever you like – or no embellishments at all. I really adore this one, because it’s great for bad hair days.

This one comes from Cre8tion Crochet, and probably looks more complicated than it is. It does involve a “magic circle” stitch, for which it has a tutorial it links to. The tutorial for the hat itself is in US terms, so don’t forget to use double stitches where it says single, and triple stitches where it says double.

Find the full tutorial here:


And Crochet for Cancer:


– Leeloo the Tall

2014/52 – a wide brim hat ready for autumn!

Here’s a really cute hat for adults that would look great in any colour. Plus you don’t need to stick to the flower shape recommended if there are other you think might look better. Or perhaps you could use something else, like the strawberry or pineapple patterns from last week.

It’s taken from Crochet for Cancer, which specialises in things for those going through chemo. Lots of their patterns are really cute and all of the ones I’ve seen are free!

This particular one came from Stitch of Love, and shows the pattern in UK terms. Find the pattern here:


And the Crochet for Cancer website here:


– Leeloo the Tall

Crochet a Pumpkin Pie!

This funny little thing dropped into my inbox via allfreecrochet.com – it’s a PIE!

The original is at craftyiscool.blogspot.com. 

It’s by Alison Hoffman who is a bit of a crochet madwoman – she crocheted David Tennant and the Tardis, among other things! There is PLENTY of inspiration on her blog! She even made a Justin Timberlake doll and GAVE IT TO HIM IN PERSON!

*Note to self: make dolls of Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Welling and Brandon Routh. And also Chris Pine. And Chiwetel Ejifor.

The funniest and most inspirational factoid about this crochet pie is that she filled it with scented stuffing, so it smells like pumpkin pie too!

Stitch translations: where it asks for a hdc, crochet a UK HTR. Where it asks for a sc, crochet a UK DC.

An Autumn project

Now that Summer is over (woohoo!), here’s a cute and quick Autumn project for you to try: Autumn leaves! It’s all UK DC and would like sweet as bunting, perhaps. You could go further and make something arty with it, or bookmarks, or use them as embellishments for something else. Come Spring, change up your colours and make seasonal ones!

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