2014/79 – gorgeous cowl

Today we have a lovely cowl from B. Hooked Crochet. It looks really snuggly and I like the autumnal colours.

Plus the author rates it as an easy pattern, and provides a full tutorial.

Go check it out!


Please don’t forget our competition!

– Leeloo the Tall

2014/14: Be the octopus, young padawan

I just love this and I’m going to make it RIGHT NOW.

An octopus cowl!

You didn’t know you needed one until you saw this pic, am I right?

It’s dead easy: crochet a UK DC when it asks for an sc, crochet a UK HTR when it asks for an hdc.

You could really lengthen those tentacles or change up the colours, or keep crocheting upwards into a hat.

Click here for the pattern from NyanPon!

Amazing dragon scarf – pattern translation

This stunning scarf is easier than you think. I wasn’t going to post it as The Children will be receiving one each for Christmas but then I realised that they never go near this blog, so they won’t see it!

When it asks for:

sc – crochet a UK DC,

dc – crochet a UK TR,

tr – crochet a UK DTR (double treble).

The only thing I’d do differently with this pattern is use larger hooks – perhaps a 5mm or 6mm.

Visit Six Little Mice for the pattern!

Snood – Pattern translation

You might call these items cowls or snoods, or even something else. They’re like an infinity scarf. I love them in the winter. They make me feel all Queen Guinevere for some reason.

The pattern we’re showcasing today is the designer’s first and we think it’s gorgeous. It’s all UK TR, so is nice and easy.

Visit Purple Sprouting for the pattern.