2014/81 – a how-to for you: button holes!

Hey there! So this one is more of a tutorial for the beginners out there. We post a lot of cool stuff, but sometimes it helps to go back to basics, which is what this is.

Here is a link for you that shows you how to crochet button holes. I’m guessing there are plenty of you out there who are trying to think of ways to make winter jumpers unique, perhaps designing patterns etc., so for those that aren’t sure how to do this part, you may find this useful.



Also, the winner of our big giveaway is going to be announced tonight! It’s a little late following some technical issues, but while you’re waiting, why not get your entry in? Gogogo! Find it here 🙂

– Leeloo the Tall

2014/42 Genius invisible joining for crocheters and knitters

This clever lady has made me feel a bit daft for not thinking of this myself!! Join your crochet pieces invisibly … wish I’d seen this before I starting joining the squares of my giant curtain with zipper stitch!

Visit doyoumindifiknit for the beautiful photo tutorial! Prepare to have your crochet mind blown!

Chainless Starting Triple Crochet from Moogly

This is a clever little trick that’s worth taking the time to learn. The picture on the right from Moogly will show you why!

Bear in mind that she uses US terms so whenever she says “double crochet”, you and I would use a UK TRIPLE CROCHET.

Photo and video tutorial here.

How to design your own patterns

Here’s something special from Crochet Parfait. It is SO clever and useful.

She has put together a tutorial to show us how to make crochet charts on the computer. That is, charts to help you plan and design patterns, even simple beginner patterns. Her website shows charts for giant Afghans (and she’s happy to share).

Ingenious and SO worth taking a look!

The tutorial is HERE.

Crochet Parfait is HERE.

Popcorn stitch scarf pattern – DEAD easy!

This cute, quick and easy  scarf is all in UK TR, with popcorn stitches (aka bobble stitch) to add a bit of flair. It includes a video tutorial in case you haven’t seen the stitch before.

It’s an easy way of livening a project up and is also the stitch used to make crochet lego blocks.

And in time for a Christmas gift too!

Click here for the pattern.

Pattern Translation – Heart bracelet video tutorial

Found this on YouTube by SIMPLE CROCHET – it’s a fairly simple bracelet. You will need to translate the following stitches:

Single Crochet – UK DC

Half Double – UK HTR

Triple – UK Double Treble

Double Crochet – UK TR

Beware: there are also some increase stitches in there but she’s put lovely slow-motion sections in the video so you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Increase stitches are sneaky ways of getting extra stitches in without making it obvious.  They’re dead easy and really useful, plus also can give a lovely shape you wouldn’t get any other way. I use them a lot for flower petals.

For the bracelet section, she uses an ICORD. The video explains how to do this technique, but PlanetJune also has a great tutorial. If an Icord is a bit advanced for you at this point, you could easily make the bracelet some other way – chains, chains + a couple of rows of DC or HTR or TR. You can make this section as simple or as complicated as you like. Don’t stress it!

You could make belts or headbands this way too, and add as many hearts as you like in contrasting colours, perhaps. You could crochet around an existing bracelet or even add the heart to the broomstick bracelet we looked at yesterday!