2014 number 6 – Spider slippers – pattern translation

We know, these are a bit Hallowe’eny, but we don’t follow rules ‘cuz we’re, like, totally dangerous ‘n’ stuff. Our love for crochet slippers is no secret, so we think these spider slippers are flippin’ awesome!

They are all UK DC so they’re really easy! You can customize these to suit: how about pastels for Easter? With chocolate circles? Or red and green for Christmas, with coloured baubles?

Click here for the pattern from Crafttown.

Something fast and easy for Hallowe’en!

Crochetnmore never fail to have good ideas. This pattern is really quick and will whip you up some pencil toppers, Pumpkin-style!

Again, we think it’s adaptable – you can try other fruit and veg for different times of year. You can even use chunky thick wool to make them bigger than shown.

Where it asks for an sc, crochet a UK DC. Where it asks for a hdc, crochet a UK HTR. Where it asks for a dc, crochet a UK TR.

Click here for the pattern.

Cute little vest pattern + many more

We found mylittlecitygirl.com a while back, while on the hunt for Steampunk crochet patterns for The Tall Daughter. Some patterns cost ££ but the site offers quite a few free ones too, like this sweet little vest for girls. I can see this being adaptable for other sizes and, of course, different colours. The version in the picture was made for Halloween.

Visit the site for a free pattern download here.

Don’t forget to use our stitch translation guide where necessary!

Reader pattern contribution – Disco Dave!

Jane at knittingimage.wordpress.com has kindly contributed this pattern. It’s already in UK terms, to make life easier. She’s a clever lady who writes about not only crochet but The Dark Side (knitting) too. Dave’s friend in the photo was knitted.

You can choose whatever colours you like and whip this up in a day, I reckon.

Click here to find the free pattern.

Little Pumpkins by Vicki Brown

This talented designer appears in magazines. My daughter, the Tall One,  particularly likes her tops and has compiled a “Mum, can you make me this?” list!

Today we’re looking at her Little Pumpkins patterns, already in UK terms, on her blog.

These are pretty easy and quick. You could use different colours to crochet other fruits, but I love pumpkins!

Visit Vicki’s blog and take a look at her other patterns too!