Something fast and easy for Hallowe’en!

Crochetnmore never fail to have good ideas. This pattern is really quick and will whip you up some pencil toppers, Pumpkin-style!

Again, we think it’s adaptable – you can try other fruit and veg for different times of year. You can even use chunky thick wool to make them bigger than shown.

Where it asks for an sc, crochet a UK DC. Where it asks for a hdc, crochet a UK HTR. Where it asks for a dc, crochet a UK TR.

Click here for the pattern.

Crochet a Pumpkin Pie!

This funny little thing dropped into my inbox via – it’s a PIE!

The original is at 

It’s by Alison Hoffman who is a bit of a crochet madwoman – she crocheted David Tennant and the Tardis, among other things! There is PLENTY of inspiration on her blog! She even made a Justin Timberlake doll and GAVE IT TO HIM IN PERSON!

*Note to self: make dolls of Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Welling and Brandon Routh. And also Chris Pine. And Chiwetel Ejifor.

The funniest and most inspirational factoid about this crochet pie is that she filled it with scented stuffing, so it smells like pumpkin pie too!

Stitch translations: where it asks for a hdc, crochet a UK HTR. Where it asks for a sc, crochet a UK DC.

Girlie pattern time!

The most edible bag you’ll ever come across is to be found at OURHOUSE. Not our house! OURHOUSE! It’s a cupcake bag, small enough to be a purse too, with a drawstring finish. You can, of course, make it in whatever cupcake colours you like and adorn it with the sprinkles (beads) of your choice!

It’s quick, easy and all in UK dc so you should be able to whip one up in no time!

These would be cute gifts and favours!

Visit OURHOUSE for the pattern!

Little Pumpkins by Vicki Brown

This talented designer appears in magazines. My daughter, the Tall One,  particularly likes her tops and has compiled a “Mum, can you make me this?” list!

Today we’re looking at her Little Pumpkins patterns, already in UK terms, on her blog.

These are pretty easy and quick. You could use different colours to crochet other fruits, but I love pumpkins!

Visit Vicki’s blog and take a look at her other patterns too!

Crochet yourself some pasta :P Pattern translation

This idea is so simple, no pattern is really needed. What this clever lady did was crochet a random combination of double and treble crochets, and, by the looks of it, also some double trebles, to come up with cute pasta! 

I’ve translated the stitches here but in her post she uses US terms.

Visit stitchnsewcreates to find out why she made crochet pasta in the first place!