2014 number 13 – Fresh as a daisy (see what I did there?)

This stunning photo tutorial will show you how to make these gorgeous daisies! Don’t you love them?!

The pattern is not in English (Swedish) BUT the photos are so helpful, no foreign language skills are required.

They make us feel all Spring-like!

Visit BautaWitch for the tutorial. She’ll even blow you a kiss.

2014 number 10 – the Bobble Blanket

We think this is a work of art. It’ll keep you busy for the rest of the year, that’s for sure!

It’s from the hook of the Haekelmonster which means “crochet monster” in German, a description that probably covers all of us!

The pattern comes in German terms as well as US English.

sc = UK DC

dc = UK TR

Visit the Haekelmonster for the pattern.

And here’s how to crochet the Bobble stitch using the UK TR (called the US double crochet in the video).


Pattern translation – beautiful Afghan blanket

This pattern may seem daunting at first but it’s really worth a shot.  It’s in US terms so sc = UK DC, hdc = UK HTR, dc = UK TR, dtr = UK Triple Treble. It’s a project that’ll take you a while but as it grows it’ll keep your legs warm!

Click here for this beautiful blanket pattern from AllFreeCrochet.com and Lion Brand.

Try a new stitch!

This evening I’m not super-impressed with the choice of new Doctor Who (but then I wasn’t sure about Matt Smith either, until his first episode) so I’m going to console myself by making a blanket! It will need to be big enough to catch all the tears for my sadness that Rupert Grint or Chiwetel Ejifor weren’t cast. SOB!

I want a blanket that looks interesting but isn’t complicated, so that I can watch movies at the same time and also so that it will work up quickly. Plus, I don’t know about you but sometimes repetitive crochet motions really hit the spot. So calming, particularly when you’re devastated that the new Doctor isn’t ginger or that HOT evil guy from Firefly.

I’ve chosen to crochet the whole blanket with Shell Stitch. This is really pretty and REALLY easy, and anyone who knows how to chain, double crochet, and triple crochet can do it. That means YOU!

My favourite tutorial is here, at the Making Spot. This site is well worth a visit. It’s got plenty of bits and pieces for all crafters to try and learn from.

Sleep sack for babies

This pattern and what it’s meant to hold are both yummy.

A sleeping sack for babies! Any parent will know that babies love to kick off their covers and then wake up the house when they’re cold. This solves the problem because they can’t get out of it, bwah hah hah!

It’s in UK terms already but does not provide underwater swimming skills.

I actually REALLY want to make one for myself …

Full pattern here at The Guardian.

Crayons! UK and US terms

This pattern is pretty fab. The designer clearly has a love for lots of colour because not only does this pattern give you a rug that looks like crayons, but her  personal site is covered with rainbows!

It’s a rug pattern but you could easily make this into a blanket or something even smaller if you want, by adjusting your hook size. You can also make it in the colours you choose yourself.

Visit Rainbow Valley for the pattern in UK and US terms.

Must dash – the Loud Daughter is playing Bieber so needs to be grounded.

Tutorial for a wiggly stitch!

I seriously love the look of this piece of crochet from made-in-k-town. It is pure wiggly awesomeness and I can’t wait to try it! This talented designer has posted a full tutorial with loads of step-by-step photos and instructions – and it’s much, much simpler than you think!!!

Click here to visit the tutorial and wiggle away!

PS There’s a campaign for Marina Sirtis to be the new Doctor Who. Whaaaa?!