2014/65 – baseball coaster

While looking at everything pinterest has to offer, I stumbled across this really cool pattern (by Katie Cooks and Crafts) for a coaster that looks like a baseball!

It also occurred to me that if you scale this pattern down, you could adapt it into anything, like clothing embellishments, buttons, badges or pins. Of course it looks great as a coaster too!

Take a look but remember that this is in US terms so don’t forget to check our stitch translation guide before getting started.

Find it here:


– Leeloo the Tall

2014/61 – granny squares bag idea

So this one is more of an idea for how to turn unused afgans or granny squares into a cute tote bag!

There are instructions about the handle and lining, and she describes the squares as 4 inches across so you can make any design of granny square which fits. There’s a diagram too. It’s really easy.

Find it here:


2014/59 – colourful coasters

So during one of my sessions drooling over pinterest, I found this adorable pattern from a Swedish(?) crocheter who made some really pretty (and presumably absorbant) coasters.

Don’t they look great?

She’s posted it in US terms but there’s a diagram showing what she did which looks fairly easy to follow so you don’t really need to worry too much about terminology.

Find it here:


2014/28 A pouchie wallet-y thing

I don’t know what to call this! You can make it for almost any purpose! I love the colour scheme but your colours will be up to you!

It’s a nice, quick, easy pattern, made with sc (UK DC) and hdc (UK HTR). There’s even a cute star stitch to improve your skills a little, with lovely clear instructions.

Visit Talking Crochet for the pattern!

2014/27 A ruffly bag and –

… apologies that it’s been a bit quieter than usual. More hospital stuff, but all is well :>

We love this bag. It’s from Crochet Addict UK but is in US terms. It uses sc (UK DC) and dc (UK TR) so is fairly simple. You can make  in any colour or colours you like, and I’d imagine thicker yarn with bigger hooks = bigger bag!

Click here for the pattern.

2014/15 – Crochet envelopes

I’m so happy that I can keep typing 2014 up there ^^. Odd numbers vex me.

Anyway, here’s a cute pattern from MollieMakes magazine (sister mag to our beloved SimplyCrochet, but why have they used US crochet terms?!).

Crochet envelopes! You could store keepsakes in them – as well as use the pattern as a learning tool for triangles!

It’s all in UK TR.

Click here for the pattern.

Cute owl pouch – pattern translation

Broken links fixed! Sorry about that!

Today’s pattern is all UK DC so it’s very easy. It’s an owl pouch! I’m making mine into a pouch that my ugly, plain black purse will fit into to snazz it up a bit. Owls are everywhere at the moment so this simple pattern is a great starting point for owl-related projects. You can make it as big as you like and use whatever colours you like!

Click here for the pattern from One Dog Woof. She’s got other inspirational ideas too!

Pattern translation – Water Bottle Holder

How cute is this?! And so useful! When I’m out walking, I like my hands free in case of Zombie attacks, so this water bottle holder is perfect. That strap looks nice and sturdy.

It’s in US terms so where is asks for an sc, crochet a UK DC. Where it asks for a dc, crochet a UK TR.

Please visit our new friend The Goddess at her blog for this free pattern (and I think she’s after feedback for this, her first pattern, so let her know if you try the pattern! I’m gonna!).

Pattern translation – Upcycle a tote bag

This is a very simple way to jazz up a bag you already own, or even, as the designer of the pattern has done, some very plain and cheap bags.

Where the pattern asks for an SC, crochet a UK DC. Where it asks for a DC, crochet a UK TR.

It’ll take you no time at all and is easy peasy!

Visit Annoo’s Crochet World for the pattern!