23 thoughts on “Where are you from? We’re feeling nosy!

  1. While my wife and I were touring the UK and Ireland last year I had fun telling everyone that I was from Wisbech in Cambridgeshire (which is where I was born) and the reaction I got from most people was “not with that accent” (a couple of people reckoned they could hear a Cambridge accent) which is fair enough considering I have spent the last 56 year living in Australia. I currently reside on the New South Wales side of the New South Wales/Victoria border in a little place called Albury and it’s a little damp tonight (just a light shower).

  2. Oxnard, California, a block from the beach. It’s been hot here (95 degrees F, the other day), but the marine layer came in last night making it rather pleasant. Today’s forecast is for mid 80s (still hot for this area). I am waiting for fall to arrive.

  3. Portland, Oregon, USA. We’re still enjoying an early Autumn summer, with leaves starting to turn gorgeous colors, but will no doubt be joining the rain party soon… Which will most likely last until next July.

  4. Bluegrass State, USA, where we went from summer to winter and apparently will be back to summer tomorrow. If the thunderstorms tonight don’t wash us away.

  5. brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Beautiful, hot and sunny. Too hot too quickly. Would like a bit of spring before the heat. Your cold weather sounds beautiful.

  6. Great state of Maine, USA, where it was sunny, but then it rained, now it is cloudy – as Mark Twain said, “don’t like the weather? Wait 5 minutes.” Rain and sun are OK by me, as I know what is coming after them.


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