Platypus scarf – new, free crochet pattern

Rosy Alice Handmade

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I have so many decent sized bits of yarn left that I like to use them up on novelty projects like this scarf! He’s very cute and you can make him in any colour combinations you like! IMG_20141002_163504

Platypus scarf crochet pattern
Rosy Alice Crochet Designs
@ Ravelry

What you will need:

5mm crochet hook
Yarn in colours of your choice
Tapestry needle

Stitches used:

Treble crochet (US double crochet)
Double crochet (US single crochet)
Slip stitch.
Magic circle (if you like)

You can make this scarf in any colour combinations you like. You could make the feet and head different colours, or stripey etc.

The tail: IMG_20141005_112821

Chain 21. Turn.
Row 1: treble crochet into each chain. Chain 1. Turn.
Rest of rows: repeat row 1 until scarf is as long as desired. I crocheted 84 rows in the green yarn.

The head and…

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