2014/67 – A slightly selfish post about a crochet necklace

Hands up, you caught me officer. I admit it, this post is nothing more than a selfish hint to my mother about something I want her to make me.

Take a look at what Cynthia Shaffer claims to have just “thrown together on a whim”. Talk about creativity!

I absolutely love this design – wearing crochet isn’t for everyone, and I am very picky about what crocheted items I will wear. For me it’s quirky, unique stuff that I haven’t seen a million times before, or stuff with an obvious use.  But this necklace really ticks all of the boxes. It’s quirky, multi-textured and trendy, one of a kind and could easily be steampunk’d by incorporating clockwork elements or something vintage-y/noir-ey. Just gorgeous.

I wonder what other stitches or patterns you could use, perhaps more spider-webby ones in the spirit of hallowe’en? Maybe difference kinds of chains?

The tutorial is available below, but the blogger is using US terms so please refer to our stitch translation guide!


– Leeloo the Tall

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