Poppy pin cushion, free crochet pattern

Rosy Alice Handmade

Another pin cushion. I can’t help myself. They’re so cute. Find the pattern below or click here to download from Ravelry!

Another one coming tomorrow!

Poppy pin cushion crochet pattern IMG_20140821_180531


Rosy Alice Crochet

@ Ravelry



You will need:

Red yarn

Green yarn

Black yarn

4 mm hook

Tapestry needle


UK terms used throughout. Translation into US terms here:

Triple treble crochet (ttr) – US Double treble crochet (dtr) – yarn over three times.

Double treble crochet (dtr) = US Treble/triple crochet (tr) – yarn over twice.

Treble crochet (tr) = US Double crochet (dc).

Double crochet (dc) = US Single crochet (sc).

Chain and slip stitches are the same for both terminologies.


Start with green yarn to make the stem. Either chain 4 and slip stitch into the first chain to make a circle, or make a magic circle.

Round 1: Crochet 12 double crochet…

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