2014/43 Adorabubble sandals

So today we have some really cute sandal-style foot decorations, which look so cute! There’s a lot you could do with these even without the flower.

My mum made me some and I asked for her to add some beads to glitz it up a bit, sort of like Greek-style shoes. You could add all kinds of glam, like glitter or use shinier wool, or remove it completely and just go for simple. You could probably experiment with different shapes, colour combinations or stitches if you want as well.

Here’s some my mum made, don’t they look great? I want to see footsie things1if  there’s a way to secure them onto my flip-flops so I can wear them outside the house.footsie things 2

Note that when is says single crochet (“sc”) it means a UK double crochet, and a US double (“dc”) is a UK treble crochet.

Here’s the full version – http://www.tutusteaparties.com/2012/03/crochet-barefoot-sandal-free-crochet.html

Happy crafting!

– Leeloo the Tall

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