2014/41 Girlifying a men’s shirt with crochet

Hey there!

So this one is less a crochet project and more a clothing alteration project, with little bits of crochet as the centre-piece.

I think it’s really cool how Designs by Studio C did this, and it inspired me with ideas for other outfits you could to this with – like right above the hem of a really plain skirt, or sleeves. It’s a really simple way of making boring clothes more interesting, and great for beginner crochet-ers too.

The prep for this is shown first, and the way that she recommends doing the crochet is at the bottom of the page.

For the full tutorial, see here:


Happy crafting!

– Leeloo the Tall

2 thoughts on “2014/41 Girlifying a men’s shirt with crochet

  1. Cool idea! 🙂 I have also seen patterns for crochet collars which would be good to achieve the same goal. Maybe I will make one or two soon since I really love the style of them.


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