Sneaky non-crochet post about pooches

Some of you may remember that we support Canine Partners here in the UK. They’re a charity that trains dogs to assist the Disabled or Less Abled. We’re currently training Bumble, a beautiful Golden Retriever for them (something *you* could do!).

Here’s a video on their YouTube channel about what these wonderful dogs do for people – they change the lives of not only the disabled person they look after but they also give the family of that person peace of mind that they’re ok and not alone.

The charity received this AMAZING email the other day (I’ve removed names and places):

Dear canine partners

I feel that I have to email this to you about an incident that happened early this week. My name is M I live in XXXXXXX I am registered blind and have a guide dog. on monday while I was waiting for my Guide dog to come out of the groomers I was on my way to the café using my white guiding stick
when I was knocked over onto the floor by a group of school boys who just walked off laughing, I started crying in lot of pain I was shouting for help as I couldn’t get up or find any of my belongings. I heard a ladys voice asking if I was ok I told her that I couldn’t find my handbag or my phone (which I had in my hand when I fell) she reassured me and told me her
assistance dog will help( I didn’t even know she had a dog with her as he was sooo quite and didn’t move until told) she told me her name is c and her canine partner is called G. she explained she is in a wheelchair and was just about to take her canine partner for a run. within seconds c asked G to get my phone and he did with speed and gave it to C then went and got my handbag and stick . G then sat down beside C while I held the side of her chair to get up. I was amazed by G and what he did for me. we sat down for a drink and C explained all about canine partners and what G does for her. I was blown away by their amazing partnership and what C has taught G !!!!! I had never met a canine partner before. G gave me a cuddle and
he is totally stunning and ever so gentle. I felt so much better after talking to C and having a cuddle from G. I got my carer to find canine partners website and your email address so I could tell you what an amazing partnership they are and how lucky you are to have them they were both so caring & amazing

Wish my guide dog was like G you should be proud of them.

Kind regards



2 thoughts on “Sneaky non-crochet post about pooches

  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. We have blind students here at the University where I work, and to see them come to class with their canine partners is always so beautiful. 🙂


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