FREE Crochet Pattern – Chameleon Hat – Gone Fishin’

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Now that the warmer weather is here and school is out, my mind wanders to slower summer days, spent relaxing with family and friends and leisurely pursuing hobbies and so, the June Chameleon Hat was inspired and aptly named – Gone Fishin’.

gone fishing logo IMG_1004.jpg

In keeping with my basic Chameleon Hat, this one has the half double crochet crown, and shelled band, but it is designed for a looser fit and squared off top, with a roping around the band and, of course, a couple of little fish because they are just darned cute!

I think it’s still cute without the fish and makes a pretty nice classic sunhat as well.

gone fishin hat 2 with logo IMG_1009.jpg

There are so many different ways to personalize your hat…….

cuties wearing fishing hat.jpg

so have fun decorating your hat and take a look back at the previous versions too!  ~Maria~

chameleon hats jan - Jun.jpg

Instructions below are for Newborn – 3 month size. For other sizes, please download full pattern at bottom…

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