Free pattern – Red, white and blue curly wurly headband

Rosy Alice Handmade

For the patriotic version of my Curly Wurly Headband, scroll down or download now from Ravelry.IMG_20140519_171442

Pattern (make three):

Start with a magic circle.

5 dc into the circle.

Pull circle tight.

Crochet a dc into the first stitch made and into each stitch thereafter. Keep crocheting double crochets into each next stitch. You will be working in a spiral so no need to count rows, but keep an eye on how many stitches you are working with. You should have one stitch on the hook and another four waiting to be crocheted before you reach the hook again.

Keep crocheting until your work is the desired length, usually long enough to stretch around the head. If you crochet your headband too big, it will sag. Just undo a few stitches if needs be. It really must stretch.

Next, cut yourself a long tail and fasten off. Thread the tail…

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