Help! I need help with following charts!

I’ve never used charts before and am a bit confused! They seemed so easy at first glance but I must be going wrong somewhere. Do any of you wonderful people have any knowledge about crochet charts?? The problem I’m having is that on paper my design looks perfect, but when I come to work it up, it seems wrong. I’m changing colours correctly, but the starting stitches of the design don’t “sit” where I want them to. It almost looks as if I need to start the colour change stitches one stitch before?

Thank you in advance :>


6 thoughts on “Help! I need help with following charts!

  1. Sorry, in all my years crocheting, I can see the chart, but not be able to follow along! I need written directions! Good Luck, hope someone can help you!

  2. Often times, if I don’t like how they “sit” I will do exactly that ~ start the color change either 1/2 or 1 full stitch early. Can’t hurt to try!

  3. Hi, I always find that the stitches are wider then they are taller (if that makes sense), so I have to adjust for that in my chart. What looks good on paper doesn’t always translate well. A round logo I did for a friend ended up shaped like a football, so I had to re-chart and start over.

  4. Some good tips here. I hadn’t thought of the size of the stitches factoring in. I’m glad too that someone suggested starting early. Thank you ladies! Glad it’s not just me having trouble!


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