Tie your tiny scraps together

Saw this on Pinterest. It’s not a bad idea. I think I’ll do it, but I’ll pay attention to which colours are next to one another. Would hook up into a mad little blanket or squares, something that you could enlarge long-term. A constant WIP.

2 thoughts on “Tie your tiny scraps together

  1. I saw this on Pinterest too – it’s a good way of using up those little scraps we all have left. I agree, it’s a good idea to sort out the colours. I have a little bag of bits that I add to then mix them up into a more useful little ball of yarn.

  2. lol I once bought a skein of tied together yarn at an LYS – it was measured out fro a hat, and it was great – she had put bits of really nice luxury yarn together (and coordinated colors) so I have a beautiful hat. It would have cost hundreds to get the same hat buying all those different skeins myself. But I have never tried doing it with my own leftovers…duh.


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