May The Force– free lightsaber pattern

the sparkly toad

It is rare to get a new pattern right on the first try! But always fun. Sci-fi fan that I am, albeit a closet one, when I saw the crocheted light-saber online last week, I knew I had to have a go at THAT!

My dear friend has a little boy that would love one. Being a boy, I knew the cardboard tube I planned to insert for stiffness wouldn’t last long during battles, requiring it to be “reloadable”– or allow for inserting fresh cardboard. So the handle is hinged, with a button attatchment!


And it came together so nicely. No frogging required! It was a nice change from the hat pattern I slaved over earlier this week…seven attempts at the first dozen rows and it STILL didn’t lay nicely.

Here she is:


*Note: I prefer half-double crochet. One of my many quirks. This pattern can EASILY be…

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