It’s a Marvellous Mystery Crochet Project

Knot Just Yarn Blog

Michael Sellick Mikey, The Crochet Crowd

Beginning soon is the first ever Mystery Crochet Project with Mikey. Behind the scenes, the project took about 3 days to complete. It is fun and really interesting how it all works together. This pattern is in cooperation with Red Heart’s Free Pattern Index… before you start snooping though, this pattern isn’t available on Red Heart’s Website at this time.

If you are looking for something adorable, this Crochet Mystery Project is for you. As an added teaser, I am going to film the segments out of order to prevent you from guessing what it is. I suspect by the 2nd week of this 4 week series, you will have some pretty solid guesses.

The pattern is not available right not online. As I release you each segment, you will need to keep your pieces that you make and wait for the next week. It’s…

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