Confusion and delay

Itchy Crochet

Hello again,

I had an odd experiance a couple of weeks ago and fully intended to blog about it streight awa but I got distracted by all the free time and nature going on. So let me tell you a tale of intreague and misdirection.

 I recieved a comment on the page for the ponytale hat saying how lovely it is and that it had been mentioned in a uk crochet patterns blog post

As you can see it is there, directing me to lp crochet, so off I go on the great hat hunt. Could I find the post? could I heckers like. I have looked at EVERY post On LP crochet and as much fun as that was I wanted to know what was said about my hat, I love hearing people opinions of my work (yes even the bad stuff).
I gave in and messaged both…

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