Today’s post isn’t a pattern: how to price your work

We saw this on Nadine’s blog and thought we’d re-post as it’s a subject that’s often hard to work out: how to price your work.

Nadine’s post is here.

The calculator is here.

Obviously, you’re going to charge whatever you feel comfortable charging, but if, like us when we started out, you don’t have a clue about what you should charge, this calculator will be a big help. You will doubtless be charging far too little and feeling guilty about even that – we were!

15 thoughts on “Today’s post isn’t a pattern: how to price your work

  1. Thank you for reblogging my post. I am so glad you liked it and are spreading the word about that great product. Yes I do charge less than what the calculator says. However, I feel confident charging more than I did in the past because of it.

  2. cool calculator! Of course, it priced my easiest thing at 97 dollars, which I think my market won’t bear. But it made me sit up and look at the VALUE OF MY TIME. the VALUE OF MY EXPERIENCE. Wow.

  3. That’s really interesting! I have always given my pieces as gifts but I think I would only dream of getting that much money for them! Maybe I should send out some invoices!

  4. I plugged in some sample numbers and was amazed – $30 for a cap that it would take me 3 hours to make that I wanted only a 10% profit on. I haven’t tried to sell any of my stuff yet but I have been thinking about it. But if that’s what I’d have to charge just to make a tiny profit, I think I’ll stick to making donated items (caps for chemo patients and the homeless).


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